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My interview with Bill Evans - 1972

This interview with Bill was taped in 1972, when he brought his trio to my weekly TV show, The Jazz Set. Bill and I first met at Riverside Records in 1960. Back then, he looked more like an accountant than a jazz musician, but times change and we try to keep up by adopting trendy looks that eventually become laughable. Here, our long hair is a dead giveaway and my outfit is cringe-inducing. For some reason, I am not smoking during this interview, but most of the shows (we did 26, I think) show me puffing away on that Tareyton with the smoke all but obscuring the face of my guest. Giving it up about 35 years ago was one the wisest decisions I ever made.

The clip I originally posted here came from somebody's account on YouTube. It was subsequently withdrawn due to the uploader's copyright infringements, I think. Thanks to my good friend, John Francis, that situation has now been remedied. He managed to find a copy and gave me my very own. This is from a Japanese DVD release and it looks like it is legitimate, although I was never contacted. At least the credits are correct. One problem, however, I still have not figured out how to post properly synced videos from a DVD. On my computer, video and audio are perfectly matched, but when I get it here, there is a problem. Hope you can enjoy it, anyway. If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong, please don't hesitate.


  1. Thanks for this amazing interview!!!

  2. Hi Chris,
    Can you help me.
    I have an original photograph of the Bill Evans Trio from BPS.
    Next text below the photo:
    A trio of jazzstars -- Eddie Gomez (far left), Bill Evans and Marty Morell
    will appear as The Jazz Set presents the Bill Evans Trio: Thurs, Aug 16
    at 9:30 p.m. on Channel 6
    (#101 8/16/73 9.30 PM EDT)

    This is not the same performance as the DVD: Bill Evans Trio "In The Jazz Set '72"??
    TV Broadcast, NJN New Jersey
    Public Television and Radio, 1971

    Actually I'm a cardiologist, but a lifelong Evans aficionado since 1965 when he performed for the first time in The Netherlands, in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Since then I collected everything about him and attended his concerts in Europe. With a friend who had a jazzlabel
    Limetree Records, with also classical music, we recorded Monty Alexander, Hank Jones, John Hicks, Toots Thielemans, Ben Webster, Kirk Lightsey, Chet Baker and a lot of Dutch musicians. Because of my work in the hospital I had no longer time for it and the label was bought to a friend of Timeless Records in The Netherlands.
    I'm reactivating my label now with gorgeous unreleased recordings of Bill Evans on a double album from a concert in 1972 in The Netherlands. This in consultation with the Evans family.
    As a non-professional I designed a website about Bill Evans:


    Best wishes

    1. I don't know who authorized the release on DVD, but that is the same show